Unique Features

The NKIP stands out for its holistic approach, integrating industrial activities with features that prioritize well-being and community engagement. This unique combination positions it as a forward-thinking and attractive destination for businesses and their workforce.

Best-In-Class Infrastructure
for Industrial Development

State-of-the-art infrastructure including continuous water, electricity, gas, and broadband connectivity ensures smooth industrial operations. Good soil quality and wide road access support construction and transportation needs. Upgraded roads and entrances optimize traffic flow, while a spacious boulevard enhances connectivity within the park. These provisions create an ideal environment for businesses to flourish.

Industrial Park

Concept of 'guarded' design to facilitate the management control of industrial areas and increase the compliance of industries to legal requirements. Environmental Management Plan (EMP) & Audit such as Comply with the Land Disturbing Pollution Prevention and Mitigation Measures document, water quality control & monitoring, ambient air quality control & monitoring, noise control & monitoring program, waste handling and etc.

Strategic Surrounding Amenities

Easily accessible via the East-West Highway, just 45km from Butterworth and 20km from Kulim's center. Additional access from Padang Serai and Kuala Ketil via Jalan Kuala Ketil. Surrounding amenities include schools, hospitals, convenience stores, and more, ensuring all needs are nearby.

Dynamic Blend of Commercial Space

NKIP offers a commercial frontage with retail and drive-thru options, meeting the diverse needs of employees and residents. A spacious park complements this area, designed for family activities and relaxation, enhancing the overall appeal of NKIP. This environment fosters both business success and family well-being, supported by exceptional amenities and facilities.

Nearby Residential Offerings

Convenient accommodations are abundant in established residential areas such as Taman DesaKu, Taman Desa Aman, Kampung Sungai Karangan, and Kampung Padang Meiha. These vibrant neighborhoods cater to the housing needs of knowledge workers, offering comfortable living spaces in close proximity to their workplaces.

Consultant & Contractor Services

Benefit from expert consultants who assist in various applications during setup. Collaborate with experienced project consultation teams and contractors to prepare your plant from drawing up plans to moving in. Enjoy hassle-free processes facilitated by a reliable team, ensuring a smooth transition for your business.

Customisable Lots

NKIP provides flexibility by allowing you to combine multiple lots, creating a tailored space to suit your needs. Choose from pre-designed configurations or opt for a build-to-suit solution. Customize your setup with options like heavier floor loading or cold rooms, aligning perfectly with your business and industry requirements.

Green Sustainability

NKIP's composition includes green spaces, industry, and commercial components. Lush green trees line the roads, enhancing the atmosphere and air quality. The development adheres to DOE guidelines for environmental responsibility. Unique construction features promote sustainability, ensuring efficient resource usage. This balance fosters a thriving business environment with robust facilities and improved quality of life for the NKIP community.


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